Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 – My top picks

The best day of the year has arrived! But, really. Today, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale goes live for all Nordstrom Cardholders and opens to the public on July 21st – August 6th. Besides hand lettering and creating I love to shop. More than I love shopping, I love getting things on sale. Better yet, I love getting sales on my favorite brands and shopping at Nordstrom. The selection, free shipping on every order, and excellent customer service keeps me as a regular customer. Plus, I love that I know if an item is defective or doesn’t perform as I thought I can return it, no questions asked.

The Anniversary Sale is a great time to stock up on pieces for the upcoming fall and winter season. Bonus, a lot of the pieces you can transition from season to season, like lightweight cardigans and simple tees. I typically try to save up throughout the year knowing I’ll snag mostly basics and a few must-haves during this sale. If you are on the fence about shopping for fall in the middle of summer, don’t be! Everything included in the Anniversary Sale will go back up to full price after August 6th, giving you more of incentive to grab the pieces you will still be pining over once cooler weather does roll around (but at a better price point). In my opinion the prices for this years sale seem even better than years prior. WIN! A lot of pieces included in the sale will sell out quickly because of their popularity, so the sooner you can shop the better.

I’ve rounded some of my must-have items that I’m adding to my cart during the sale. Since I work from home, I have a lot of basics, cozy cardigans, and workout gear and most can be dressed up or down, depending on your day. Happy shopping, friends!




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  1. I love the blocking pattern of this sweater and that it looks SO cozy! Sweaters like this one are a great addition to your wardrobe since it’s an easy throw on with a tee and jeans for errands and then still cute with leggings at home. There was a similar cardigan to this in the sale last year and it sold out FAST.
  2. Another longer cardigan, but neutral basics like this are a staple for the fall. I would pair it with a blanket scarf and cute booties for running around the city. This one is a steal at only $32 and will go back up to $50 after the sale.
  3. This sherpa like pullover looks heavenly! When we head to the lake in the fall I love items like this to bundle up but not feel too bulky when we’re hanging outside.
  4. I bought a sweater super similar to this last year in black and got a lot of use out of it. I’ve had a slight love for blush pinks lately (as does the rest of the girl world) and would love to pick this up in this blush and the ivory color.



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  1. A white tee is a closet staple. I love stocking up on little tees like this on sale because I typically have to get new ones every year since I always manage to spill something on them. I do prefer my tees to be a nicer quality so they aren’t see through, but not too expensive. This one is perfect right at $18.
  2. Ok, ok, ok. If you were my mom or my boyfriend you would say I already own too many tees just like this. I’ve got a thing for stripes, ok? I have a few tees super similar to this that I’ve picked up from Nordstrom over the years and love them for layering or throwing on in the fall with a scarf. They are even cute for chillier nights in the summer at the lake or the beach when you need something lightweight to pull on.
  3. To me, this shirt screams fall! I have a concert planned for late September and think this would be a perfect shirt to wear since it’s still summery with the off the shoulder style but adds the fall touch with the plaid. I’d probably pair with shorts for this occasion but would pair with distressed jeans and booties for the cooler temps.
  4. I love that this pullover has a tie in the front since it’s plain. It makes a really simple shirt a bit more dressy!
  5. Ok guys, my love for Madewell runs deep. I love how simple their pieces are and always find myself going to them for basics that I will wear for years to come. I still have Madewell items that I purchased in high school, so I know that their pieces are quality and will last – which is why I don’t mind spending the extra $ on them. This classic chambray top is definitely a wardrobe staple and I love how this one has a peplum bottom for a feminine look. You can currently snag it for $47, but it will go back up to $72 after the sale. Steal!
  6. During last years Anniversary Sale I picked up a camo pullover super similar to this one and it’s probably one of the most worn items in my closet. I’ve worn it with jeans and sneakers, leggings, shorts, and even find myself pulling it on before my workout classes on summer mornings. Love, love, love.




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  1. A good pair of jeans will change your life. Ok, maybe not your life, but they will change your wardrobe. Anytime someone asks me what jeans I’m wearing they usually are the brand AG. Time and time again I’ve purchased a pair of AG Jeans and vow I’m never buying another brand ever. While I do own other brands these are by far my favorite. The fit it consistent, they have stretch to them, but don’t stretch out, and hold up wash after wash. Plus for shorties like me the Ankle style means no hemming (I’m a little under 5’4). If you are looking to invest in a nicer pair of jeans, I recommend snagging a pair of these during the sale ASAP, as they will sell out. They are currently $149 but go back up to $225 after the sale, meaning you save $76!!
  2. Besides a good pair of jeans the next best thing is a good pair of leggings. These Zella ones are very similar to my Lulu Lemon ones, but more budget friendly. I have a few pairs of these Zella ones and wear them for lounging and working out.
  3. If you aren’t looking to splurge on jeans right now, no worries, Nordstrom has plenty of affordable pairs included in their Anniversary Sale. I have a few pairs of these Articles of Society jeans and they are my second go-to’s. They have a similar fit and wash and are pretty stretchy. Definitely size down! Currently on sale for $39 and are $59 after the sale.
  4. I’m a sucker for black workout clothes and love the cutouts in these. I can definitely see myself wearing these to a workout class and being able to wear them to grab lunch with a friend after.
  5. If you are headed out on family vacation like I am this year shorts like this are a great buy. I like these for lounging and for bed when I’m vacay with fam so I feel more put together in the mornings. I would definitely pair with the white tee above. Plus, these aren’t too short to wear in front of others!
  6. For the fall if you need a pair of longer lounging pants these are a must. I have them in a few colors from previous Anniversary Sales and love the style and how cozy they are. I think I need this striped pair!
  7. Pair with your matching camo pullover for a cute nighttime look. Also great if you are going on vacation with the fam this summer!


These are just my top picks, but there are SO many more good finds in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that you should go check out for yourself! If you have shopped, what did you pick up? I would love to see your must-have buys!

Let me know if you enjoy these types of posts as I will incorporate them into my blogging more often! 

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