Life is better at the Lake – Here’s Why

You know when you love something so much, it’s hard to express it to other people? I hope I’m not alone in this, but this was exactly how I felt when I would tell people about my boyfriend Travis’s, family’s lakeside oasis. I could never accurately describe to others why I felt that life at the lake was so great and why we were spending a majority of our weekends there.

You see, I’ve always loved going to the beach. I grew up a few hours from the Eastern Shore and would visit my grandparents every summer at their condo right on the beach in Daytona Beach, Florida. I was accustomed to spending time in the salty water, playing in the sand as a kid, and relaxing near the surf. So when I met Travis and he took me to his family’s lake house for the first time in the middle of October I was unsure of what to expect as I had only ever been to a lake once and in the middle of the summer. Nonetheless, I was smitten, so off I went without hesitation.

Once Sunday of that weekend rolled around I was not ready to leave. What I thought would be a very chilly weekend spent inside was actually spent outside. We went 4 wheeling for an entire night (something I had NEVER done!), cruised the water on the boat (thank you North Carolina for your 70 degree weather in October), and hung out on the pier getting to know each other, attempting to fish, and laughing together. Not only was I smitten with Travis but this place that was special to him captured my heart as well.

I quickly came to realize that the lake was truly a special place for Trav’s family. Built from the ground up by his grandparents, the memories they had made their were being cherished and remembered each time they came back. A place for family to gather for holidays, friends to experience the “lake life”, memories to be made, and fun to be had.

When I started working on the design for this mug, I actually was just sketching for no reason in particular. When I saw the camper mugs I knew I needed to actually finalize my design and bring it to life. The design came naturally, picking out the mugs came easy, and before I knew it I was staring at boxes of mugs sitting in my garage waiting to go to their new homes.

Now my family and my friends have gotten to experience life at the lake and they get it. I wish I could bottle up a feeling, put it through this computer screen and send it out to all of you so you would know what I mean. For anyone who has been to a lake though, I feel you know where I am coming from.

This mug represents more than just a cup to hold your coffee in. For me, it represents quiet mornings with your freshly brewed coffee, siting on the back porch, taking in the morning sounds, the calmness of the water, and the morning light. It represents families gathering near the water to celebrate and make memories together. It’s friends gathering around laughing and being a little bit crazy. This mug sums up all the experiences and memories I have had so far at the lake and all the ones I hope to make in the future.

No matter where I am at, there is always a part of me wishing I could be at the lake, soaking up the sun, coffee in hand. So whether you are at home or at your piece of lake front paradise, people will always know where you live your best life, at the lake.


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