Ah, long weekends! There is something extra special about having one more day to mentally unwind until the next work week begins. My favorite part of long weekends is getting to spend quality time with family and friends that you may only see a few times a year. Travis and I are headed down to his family’s lake house this weekend to spend time with his family and mine, which I’m so excited about. If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much we love spending time down there. Our favorite part is that you can always count on good food, yummy drinks, and a good time, whether its 2 people or a big group.

This weekend there’s a bigger range of ages coming to hang, so when celebrating together it’s nice to have a delicious drink that we can all enjoy. I’ve partnered with Mocktails, Uniquely Crafted Alcohol-Free beverages to share how I’m celebrating with my loved ones this weekend, regardless if they are a non-drinker or want to add alcohol.

With Mocktails all they require from you is to shake and serve, no other ingredients needed. They even have a recipe page on their website where you can try some fun mixtures, each using one of their four signature flavors. Personally, my favorites are a toss up between the Vida Loca Margarita and the Scottish Lemonade. I love adding fresh fruit to my Mocktail, trying a recipe from their site, or even coming up with my own creation using their Mocktail base.

This weekend I’ll be sipping on a Vida Loca Margarita as I enjoy time on the water. Even better, the whole family can enjoy together and no one is left out. It’s a win, win for everyone!

I can’t end this post without speaking about the devastation happening in Houston. As some families have lost everything they have, including homes and irreplaceable possessions, I just ask that everyone cover these people with prayers. I try to put myself in their shoes and I can’t imagine losing everything and what they must be going through. There are tons of ways to help families and shelters in need in Houston and any donation, small or large, helps!

Happy Labor Day Weekend, friends!

xx. Tara

Thanks to Mocktails for sponsoring this post!

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